Corpus Christi Parish Religious Education classes meet on Wednesdays from 3:30 to 5:00 P.M. Please click the above tab: 2017-2018 Calendar to see important dates. 


Pre-Communion Class: This class is designed for first grade children who have not received First Communion and who have had no prior religious instruction. If a child has not   been baptized, arrangements can be made by calling the parish office, 212-666-9350. Children must be baptized before receiving First Communion and should be six years of age before December 31 to enter the Pre-Communion Class.


First Communion Class:  Parish children in second grade or above who attend public or private school, who have received one year of religious instruction, and who have been baptized are ready to enter the First Communion class. Children in second grade and above who are enrolled at Corpus Christi School for the first time and have had no previous religious instruction are expected to attend this class. This will supplement the religion classes in their regular curriculum and will permit the child to receive First Holy Communion in the spring. Children in the First Communion class will also receive that sacrament of Reconciliation, usually during the season of Lent.

Post First Communion Classes: students who have made their First Holy Communion are expected to continue with religious instruction yearly until the Confirmation year which would be in the child's sixth or seventh grade year.

Confirmation Class:  The sacrament of Confirmation is conferred at Corpus Christi Church every other year. The next Confirmation at Corpus Christi Parish will be in the Spring of 2019. Sixth grade students and above who attend public or private schools and have consistently attended religious instruction following their First Holy Communion may attend the Confirmation class. Individual cases will be considered. Announcements of the date and time of Confirmation Preparation Classes will be announced in the fall of 2018.